Friday, September 29, 2017

Littleman:The Angel

Todays post is a revisit of a shoot done over 2 years ago. It's hard to talk about Littleman. He was very open about being "slow" and was barely over 5 feet tall, but he had a glow about him that truly made me feel I was in the presence of an angel. With an absent father and a homeless junkie for a mother, his future was predictable. When I saw him on the local news after being busted in a drug sting I wept hard. Still feel it now and hope he is OK. But enough of that! Want to see an angel?






So. My dear Littleman angel. Did I get too attached to this one? It was the usual 5 hour shoot and never saw him again until he was on the news. Maybe I did. But I guess when you are 67 you take the little grains you are lucky enough to get and try to build castles from them in your heart and mind knowing it will only make you sad.